Serving Opportunities for Students

Dear Students:

It is so exciting that you want to serve at IGNITE Student Ministry! There are quite a few ways that you can be involved at IGNITE, and we hope that we can find the best fit for you. Here at IGNITE we believe that we are all one body in Christ, but that we all are different parts that are designed to play different roles (1 Corinthians 12:12). With this in mind, hopefully we can find the best place for you to serve.

Welcome & Registration Team (Leaders – Rachel Craig & Sarah Shamburger):

A friendly face? A saved seat? These are some of the little things that can go a long way. On Welcome Team our focus is to reach out to the students at youth group who might be new or without a friend, to connect with them to help them feel more comfortable. Not only is our goal to break the “clique” trend, but also to help students check in through registration at youth group as well as at events. If you have a knack for organization and a heart for welcoming those on the outside, this is the team for you.

Game Team (Leaders – Caleb Taylor & Ben Taylor):

Game Team is not just about having fun, but also helping others to experience a relaxed environment where they can build meaningful relationships with one another while participating in a variety of activities. As a member of this team you would be helping with new game ideas, running games on Sunday nights, and a variety of behind the scenes research and planning to make each night a success. No matter your personality, the Game Team has a spot for you.

Dinner Team (Leader – Mrs. Taylor):

While you may not make the food on a weekly basis, the Dinner Team is a great place to serve others by helping serve dinner each week. As a member of this team, you would have the opportunity to help serve food, drinks, and set up or clean up. This is a great team for those who want to directly impact other students on a weekly basis with a smile and some food! It is also a great way to get to know many of the students that attend IGNITE on a weekly basis.

Worship Team (Leaders – Benjamin Craig & Rocky Taylor):

Do you play a musical instrument or sing? If so, the worship team might be the right fit for you! The worship team is always looking for students who may want to use their singing voice or musical talent to worship God. No matter the instrument, we can always find a way to use students who want to participate. Worship team does require an audition in a relaxed atmosphere and a discussion with a leader to join. In addition, there may be additional time commitments outside of youth group if you join this team.

Tech Team (Leaders – Benjamin Craig & Rocky Taylor):

Often one of the lesser known teams, tech team does a lot to make sure that youth group happens each and every week. If you are interested in sound, lighting, computer programs, stage set up, or tech things in general, then Tech Team may be the right fit for you. Tech Team helps to run games, set up music, and run worship when needed. If you do not have any experience, that’s ok! We will train you to be able to do whatever you want to learn.

Insert Your Idea Here:

Do you have another idea of a way you could serve? We would love to hear about it! If you have a passion for something and want to serve others with it, then let us know so that we can help you to make it happen! Don’t let not seeing your idea above discourage you from reaching out to us about serving. Turn this form in today so that a leader can connect with you and find out the best way to use your talent.

So maybe you got all the way to the end and you are still not quite sure where you feel that you would fit best. That is totally normal. So where do you go from here? You do have a couple of options.

1.) Try a few teams out for awhile and see which one you like best. Sometimes we don’t know until we try.

2.) Have a conversation with any of our youth leaders and see if they might be able to guide you. They may be able to help match your personality and goals with the right team.

3.) Reach out to the IGNITE youth leader Benjamin Craig. He would love to follow up with you and provide resources that might help you to identify your best fit.

Thank you so much for your interest in serving at IGNITE! Here is what you should do next. Attached to the bottom of this page is a brief survey designed to get your information and help us identify what teams you are interested in serving on. All we need you to do is fill this out and submit it. We will do all the work to connect you to the right leader and have them contact you to get started. It is that easy!

We hope that you are able to find your place to serve and can use the talents God has given you to serve others in a meaningful way.

In Christ,

The Leadership Team of IGNITE

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